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GCC-103 Partial Reflectors

GCC-1030 Laser Line Dielectric Partial Reflectors

The laser line partial reflector is made of thin plate optical glass. The first face is coated with a dielectric narrow band non-polarizing film stack which has a partial reflectivity at 45° incidence. It has low absorption and can be applied for high energy laser systems. Only the reflected beam is used.

Material: BK7, fine annealed
Diameter: 25.4 ±0.2mm
Thickness: 4± 0.2mm
Parallelism: 3 arc minute
Flatness: λ/10
Surface Quality: 20-10 scratch-dig
Clear Aperture: 90% diameter
R =(Rs+Rp)/2
Coatings: (Incidence at 45°)
Single wavelength partial reflectance coating @632.8nm

Other wavelengths and dimensions available on request

gcc1030.jpg (3977 bytes)

GCC-1030 Laser Line Dielectric Partial Reflectors

Catalog No.



10 ±5
GCC-103002 20 ±5
GCC-103003 30 ±5
GCC-103004 40 ±5
GCC-103005 50 ±5
GCC-103006 60 ±5
GCC-103007 70 ±5
GCC-103008 80 ±5
GCC-103009 90 ±2
GCC-103010 95 ±1
GCC-103011 99 ±0.5

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