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GCC-4031 Broadband Non-polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes

Broadband non-polarizing hybrid cube beamsplitters have moderate absorption but minimal polarization sensitivity. The broad spectral flatness of these beamsplitters make them ideal for use with multiple lasers or tunable lasers. Hybrid beamsplitters are less sensitive to changes in angle of incidence. Due to the metallic nature of the hybrid coating, these beamsplitters are not intended for use with high power lasers.


Polarization State Transform

Incoming Beam Outgoing R/T  Beams

45º linearly polarized, Circularly polarized, Natural light

Same as incoming light

Material: BK7 grade A,  fine annealed optical glass
Dimension: ±0.20mm
Wavefront Distortion: λ/4
Surface Quality: 60-40 scratch-dig
Clear Aperture: >90% of dimension
Reflection: 50 ±5%, independent of polarization
Transmission: 50 ±5%, independent of polarization
|Ts-Tp|=5%, |Rs - Rp|=5%  
Absorption: < 10% average
Beam Deviation: 0° ± 3 arc min (T), 90° ±5 arc min (R)
Angle of Incidence: 0° ±2°
Coatings of Outside Surfaces: Multilayer AR coatings, Rave = 0. 5%.
Temperature Range: -50°C to +90°C
Damage Threshold: 100 W/cm2 CW, 0.1 J/cm2 with 10 nsec pulses


gcc4031-1.jpg (11852 bytes)

GCC-4031 Broadband Non-polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes

Catalog  No. Wavelength (nm) a = b = c
GCC-403101 450-650 12.7
GCC-403102 450-650 25.4
GCC-403111 650-900 12.7
GCC-403112 650-900 25.4
GCC-403121 900-1200 12.7
GCC-403122 900-1200 25.4
GCC-403131 1200-1600 12.7
GCC-403132 1200-1600 25.4

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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