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GCC-41 Beamsplitter Plates                               


The beamsplitter plate is a thin optical glass plate. The first face is coated with an all-dielectric thin film having partial reflection properties. The second surface is multilayer AR coated for 45° or some other specified angle. This beamsplitter has low absorption and high damage threshold, suitable for high-energy laser applications where cemented cubes may fail. We provide three kinds of plates, all with strictly guaranteed splitting ratio but are distinguished in the polarization of the incoming and outgoing beams. For BS plates, we get partially polarized outgoing beams for randomly polarized incoming light. For PBS plates, we obtain both s-polarized and p-polarized beams from randomly polarized incoming light. For NPBS plates, the polarization of the outgoing beams remains the same when the incoming beam is 45° linearly polarized or circularly polarized.


GCC-411 Conventional Beamsplitter Plates

This beamsplitter is a thin plate with an all dielectric BS coating on one side. The other side is AR coated for a certain waveband. It has the advantage of very low energy loss and is especially useful in high power applications where cemented device may fail.

GCC-4110 Conventional Laser Line Beamsplitter Plates
GCC-4111 Broadband Beamsplitter plates

GCC-412 Laser Line Polarization Beamsplitter Plates

High damage Treshold
Low wavefront distortion

Superior high energy polarizer performance is achieved through advanced coating design and meticulous production procedures. These optics have been developed for use in some of the most powerful energy laser systems. The polarizing coatings have been optimized for use with Nd:YAG lasers. When the laser light is incident at Brewster's angle, Tp>95%,Ts<0.5% and the extinction ratio is greater than 100:1.

GCC-412 Laser Line Polarization Beamsplitter Plates

GCC-413 Laser Line Non-polarizing Beamsplitters

These beamsplitters are manufactured using high-precision BK7 or UV-fused silica substrates. A slight wedge in the substrate helps to eliminate back reflections. They are full-dielectric coated, providing a true 50/50 split of energy regardless of the incoming polarization. The p-polarized and s-polarized components for the incoming beams should be matched to within 5% of each other.


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