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GCC-412 Laser Line Polarization Beamsplitter Plates

Please note: We discontinued this item as stock item.
However, supply with order volume of 50 pcs up is possible.

Superior high energy polarizer performance is achieved through advanced coating design and meticulous production procedures. These optics have been developed for use in some of the most powerful energy laser systems. The polarizing coatings have been optimized for use with Nd:YAG lasers. When the laser light is incident at Brewster´s angle, Tp>95%, Ts<0.5% and the extinction ratio is greater than 100:1.

Polarization State Transform

Incoming Beam Outgoing R/T  Beams

Randomly polarized

s-polarized & p-polarized

gcc412-3.jpg (12031 bytes)

gcc412-2.jpg (8469 bytes)

Substrate Material: Fused silica or BK7 (other substrate materials available)
Diameter: ±0.15mm
Thickness: 3 ±0.15mm
Parallelism: 10 arc sec
Surface Flatness: λ /10
Surface Quality: Sides1 & 2 are fine laser polished, 10-5 scratch-dig
Clear Aperture: 90% of diameter
Extinction Ratio: 100:1
Tp > 95%, Ts< 0.5%  
Incident Angle: Brewster's angle (56.5° for BK7) optimized between 53.5° and 58.5°
Coating: S1: Ultrahard or durable dielectric polarizing coatings
  S2: Uncoated
Damage Threshold > 5 J/cm2

GCC-412 Laser Line Polarization Beamsplitter Plates

Catalog  No. Wavelength (nm) a = b = c
GCC-412001 441.6 12.7
GCC-412002 441.6 25.4
GCC-412011 488.0 12.7
GCC-412012 488.0 25.4
GCC-412021 532.0 12.7
GCC-412022 532.0 25.4
GCC-412031 633 12.7
GCC-412032 633 25.4
GCC-412041 830 12.7
GCC-412042 830 25.4
GCC-412051 1064 12.7
GCC-412052 1064 25.4
GCC-412061 1310 12.7
GCC-412062 1310 25.4
GCC-412071 1550 12.7
GCC-412072 1550 25.4

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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