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AR Coatings                                                                          

AR coatings can be used to reduce reflection from the surface of an optical component so as to improve the performance at a specific wavelength or over a waveband. Our capabilities in anti-reflection coatings range from single layer to multilayer, all characterized by their high efficiency, mechanical durability and environmental stability. AR coatings generally fall into four basic categories.

Indices of Substrates: From 1.52 to 2.1
Residual Reflection: approx. 1.5% reflection for BK7 at center WL

Single Layer MgF2 AR Coatings

Single layer MgF2 coating is used when a slight improvement is needed in reducing the surface reflection of an optical element. It is broader than a "V" type coating, allowing for use across wider wavelength bands, or over higher incident angles, i.e. it is not so sensitive to incident angle.

AR-2.jpg (11273 bytes)

Multilayer "V" AR Coatings

Multilayer "V" AR coatings offer a very low residual reflection at a particular wavelength for most laser applications.

Minimum Reflection < 0.1% at the specified wavelength
Center Wavelength: From 300nm to 2000nm

Multilayer Broadband AR Coatings

Multilayer broadband AR coatings can efficiently reduce surface reflection of optical components and give excellent performance in improving transmission over a wide bandwidth.

  Indices of Substrates: From 1.47 to 1.80
  Center Wavelength: From 250nm to 3000nm
  Substrates: Glass, silicon, germanium and other materials
  Maximum Single-Surface Reflection : < 0.5%
  Average Single-Surface Reflection: < 0.25%

AR-3.jpg (17666 bytes)

Dual-Wavelength AR Coatings

Dual wavelength AR coatings can offer very low reflection or very high transmission for two separate wavelengths, such as 532nm/1064nm and 633nm/1064nm. This coating is often applied to frequency doubling laser systems and light with two or more separate wavelengths.

AR-4.jpg (12305 bytes)

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