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Beamsplitter Coatings

Beamsplitter coatings split the incident energy, transmitting a portion and reflecting another portion. We offer both energy beamsplitting products and dichroic (spectrum) beamsplitting products from 400 to 2000 nm with two different devices, the cube beamsplitter and the flat plate beamsplitter.

The coatings consist of two types. Metallic beamsplitting coatings offer good performance over a moderate spectral region. When using metallic beamsplitters we do not recommend using high power lasers due to the absorption of the metallic film. Dielectric beamsplitting coatings can be designed for either narrow or broad wavelength ranges. They offer the advantages of minimal absorption and much higher resistance to abrasion.

GCC-40 Beamsplitter Cubes
GCC-41 Beamsplitter Plates
Dichroic Beamsplitter (Custom design)

Energy Beamsplitters

  Polarization of Incoming Beam Polarization of Outgoing Beam Laser line Wavelength Broadband
Conventional BS Cube
45° linearly polarized, Circularly-polarized, Natural light
Partially Polarized
PBS Cube
Randomly polarized, Natural light
s-polarized & p-polarized
45°  linearly polarized, Circularly-polarized, Natural light
Same as incoming
BS Penta Prism
45° linearly polarized, Circularly-polarized
Elliptically polarized, Partially polarized
BS Plate
Randomly polarized, Natural light
Partially Polarized
Laser Line PBS Plate
Randomly polarized
s-polarized & p-polarized
Laser Line NPBS Plate
45° linearly polarized, Circularly-polarized
Same as incoming

Items marked with asterisk* are custom design with order qty of 50 pcs up.

Dichroic Beamsplitters (Custom design)

  Polarization of Incoming Beam Polarization of Outgoing Beam

Dichroic BS Cube

Dichroic NBS Cube
45°  linearly polarized, Circularly polarized, Natural light
Same as incoming
Dichroic Edge Pass BS Plate
Randomly polarized
Same as incoming


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