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GCL-0107 Air-Spaced Achromatic-Doublets

Large aperture
Exceptional optical quality

The achromatic lenses with large aperture are air-spaced. All the air-spaced achromatic doublets show exceptional performance and provided with mounts.
When used for focusing or collimating, the convex lens or the smaller radius surface always faces the collimated light, while used to image, the convex lens must be adjacent to the object or image with longer distance.

Please note that air spaced achromats are shipped in two pieces and need a special mount.

Material: Optical glass (crown and flint)
  Focal Length (f'): ± 2%
  Irregularity of Fringes: 0.2-0.5
  Diameter (Ø):  -0.20mm
  Surface Quality:
60-40 scratch-dig
  Center Thickness (Tc): ±0.1mm
  Coating:  MgF2 AR Coated
  Centration:  3 arc minutes
  Clear Aperture:
90% Ø

mGcm0107.gif (1292 bytes)

GCL-0107 Air-spaced Achromatic Doublets

Catalog No. Ø f' Ø'
GCL-010701 50.0 300.0 66.0
GCL-010702 75.0 300.0 96.0
GCL-010703 100.0 400.0 124.0

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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