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GCL-0301 Right Angle Prisms

Right Angle Prisms are usually used to deflect a light beam 90° and 180° as shown. The images passing through the prism are made erect, reversed for 90° deflection and inverted for 180° deflection, respectively.

Angles: 45°, 90° ± 30", see table
N-BK7, fine annealed
  Surface Quality:
60-40 scratch-dig
  Clear Aperture: 90%

MGcl0301.gif (1651 bytes)

GCL-0301 Right Angle Prisms

Dimension Catalog No.
a = b = c ± 3 arc min ± 30 arc sec
5.0 GCL-030104 GCL-030104A
10.0 GCL-030105 GCL-030105A
12.7 GCL-030101 GCL-030101A
20.0 GCL-030106 GCL-030106A
25.4 GCL-030102 GCL-030102A
30.0 GCL-030107 GCL-030107A
40.0 GCL-030108 GCL-030108A
50.8 GCL-030103 GCL-030103A

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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