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GCL-0302 Penta Prisms

Neither inverting nor reversing image
Constant 90° deviation

Penta Prism is a five-side prism, featuring two important properties. First, the image is neither inverted nor reversed while deviated by 90°. Secondly, it is a constant deflecion device; i.e. all the transmitted rays are deviated by the same exact 90 degrees. Slight movement of the prisms does not effect the true right angle. This feature makes the prism useful in range-finders. It is also used in viewfinders of single reflection cameras. The reflecting surface are enhanced aluminum coated with black paint overcoat for protection.

Beam Deflection: 90° ± 3' or ± 30", see table bellow
N-BK7, fine annealed
Dimension:  ±0.1mm
Flatness: λ/4 at reflection surface;λ/2 at transmission surface
Surface Quality: 60-40 scratch-dig
Clear Aperture:
Coatings: Reflecting surfaces are aluminum coated with black paint overcoat. Entrance and exit surfaces are MgF2 AR coated.

MGCL0302.gif (8802 bytes)

GCL-0302 Penta Prisms

Catalog No. a = b = c d Deflection (90°)
GCL-030201 20.0 21.6 ± 3 arc min
GCL-030202 30.0 32.5 ± 3 arc min
GCL-030203 40.0 43.3 ± 3 arc min
GCL-030204 40.0 43.3 ± 30 arc sec

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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