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GCL-0304 Right Angle Roof Prisms (Amici Prisms)
Right angle deviation
Image erection

It is a right angle prism whose hypotenuse has been replaced by a 90-degree roof. The prism finds applications where both right-angle deflection and image erection are required.

MGcl0304.gif (6798 bytes) 

  Beam Deflection: 90° ± 5'
  Material: N-BK7, fine annealed
  Dimension:  ± 0.15mm
  Flatness: λ/4 at reflection surface; λ/2 at transmission surface
  Roof Angle: ± 5 arc sec, ±15 arc sec
  Surface Quality: 60-40 scratch-dig
  Clear Aperture: 90%
  Coatings: Entrance and exit surfaces are MgF2 AR coated, roof surface uncoated

GCL-0304 Right Angle Roof Prisms (Amici Prisms) 

Catalog No. a b Roof Angle
  GCL-030401 18.0 24.5 5"
  GCL-030401B 18.0 24.5 15"
  GCL-030403 32.0 41.0 5"
  GCL-030403B 32.0 41.0 15"

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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