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GCL-0305 Corner Cube Prisms (Retroreflectors)

Retroreflection to 5 arc sec

Corner Cube Prisms or retroreflectors have the property that any ray entering the effective aperture will be reflected back parallel to itself, regardless of the entrance angle. The incident beam filling the effective aperture is reflected back on itself. These retroreflectors are ideal in applications where orientation is difficult or impossible to control.

MGcl0305.gif (4835 bytes)

Beam Deflection: 180° ± 5"
optical glass N-BK7, fine annealed
Dimension:  ±0.15mm
Wavefront Distortion: λ/4
Surface Quality: 80-50 scratch-dig
Coatings: AR anti-reflection film for entrance faces. The reflection face is aluminum coated with black paint for protection.

GCL-0305 Corner Cube Prisms (retroreflectors)

Model Ø h Beam Deviation (±")
GCL-030502 12.7 9.5 5
GCL-030503 25.4 19.1 5
GCL-030504 15.0 11.7 5

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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