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GCL-04 Wedge Prisms

The wedge prisms are used as small beam steering elements in optical systems. By combining two wedges of equal power (equal deviation) in near contact and independently rotating them, a ray passing through the combination can be steered in any direction, within a narrow cone.

Material: N-BK7, fine annealed
Flatness: λ/4-λ
+0.0 / -0.15mm

  Surface Quality: IV / 60-40 scratch-dig
  Clear Aperture: 90%
  Coating: MgF2 AR anti-reflection

MGcl0301.gif (1651 bytes)

GCL-0306 Dove Prisms

Catalog No. Dia. alpha
GCL-040101 25.4 2.0
GCL-040102 25.4 4.0
GCL-040201 38.1 2.0
GCL-040202 38.1 4.0

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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