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GCL-05 Dichroic Sheet Polarizers 

Large size available
Insensitive to incident angle

Dichroic Sheet Polarizer is made of dichroic material. While light beam passing through the dichroic material, one of the orthogonal polarization components of the light beam is strongly absorbed and the other passes across with a weak absorption. Dichroic sheet polarizers can be used to convert random polarization light to linearly polarized light. Comparing to the polarization prisms, dichroic sheet polarizers offer a much larger diameter and field angle. The dichroic sheet polarizer operates by selective absorption therefore it cannot be used in high power laser beams.

All the dichroic sheet polarizers are offered with mounts, or set in scaled polarizer holders (GCM-09).

Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.15mm
  Single Sheer Transmittance for Parallel Polarized Light (λ=633nm):
Extinction Ratio:  >100
  Field Angle:
> ±45°

mGcm0108.gif (1020 bytes)

GCL-05 Dichroic Sheet Polarizers

Catalog No. Mount Dimensions Clear Aperture Protection Window
GCL-050001 12.7 4.0 8.9 No
GCL-050002 25.4 4.0 20.3 No
GCL-050003 25.4 2.0 22.0 Yes
GCL-050004 50 2.0 45.0 Yes

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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