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Upon passing though the retarder, one of the orthogonal polarized components is shifted in phase related to the other. The retarders are therefore used in the conversion of light components in various states of polarization.

Retardation plates are generally made of mica, stretched polyvinyl and quartz. Both λ/4 retardation plates(quarter wave plate) and λ/2 retardation plates (half wave plate) are available. A particular value of the retardation is designed for normal incidence at nominal wavelength; otherwise the wavelength must be specified while ordering. The mica retardation plates are laminated in glass. All the retarder sheets are offered with mounts, or set in Scaled Polarizer Holders (GCM-09).

GCL-0603 Plastic Waveplates

GCL-0604 Quartz Zero-Order Waveplates

GCL-0606 Quartz Multi-Order Waveplates

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