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GCL-0604 Quartz Zero-Order Waveplates 

precision phase retardation
insensitive to temperature, wavelength, angle of incidence and collimation

Crystalline quartz is frequently used for those of the highest quality retardation applications. Zero-order retarder is made by cementing together two quartz plates with their fast axes orthogonal to each other. The difference in thickness is equal to either λ/4 or λ/2 for a specified wavelength. Compared with the multiple-order quarz retarder, it is much more insensitive to the variation of retardation with wavelength, temperature coefficient dependence of retardation and angle of incidence. The zero-order plates of 532 nm (LCD pumped solid state laser) and 633 nm (He-Ne laser) are from stock. The wave plates for other wavelength and size are custom made.

Material: Crystalline Quartz
Diameter:  25.4 +0.0/-0.15mm
Thickness:  2.0 +/- 0.1mm
Retardation:  lambda/300


GCL-0604 Quartz Zero-order Waveplate Retarders

Catalog No.


Catalog No.


Wavelength (nm)
GCL-060401 GCL-060411 532
GCL-060402 GCL-060412 632.8
GCL-060403 GCL-060413 488
GCL-060406 GCL-060416 514.5

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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