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GCL-0606 Quartz Multi-Order Waveplates 

Waveplates for other wavelength and size are custom made.

GCL-0606 Multi-order Waveplate Retarders

Catalog No.

diameter 12.7mm

Catalog No.

diameter 25.4mm

Retardation Wavelength (nm)
GCL-060601 GCL-060621 1/4 488
GCL-060602 GCL-060622 1/4 514.5
GCL-060603 GCL-060623 1/4 532
GCL-060604 GCL-060624 1/4 632.8
GCL-060605 GCL-060625 1/4 780
GCL-060606 GCL-060626 1/4 1064
GCL-060611 GCL-060631 1/2 488
GCL-060612 GCL-060632 1/2 514.5
GCL-060613 GCL-060633 1/2 532
GCL-060614 GCL-060634 1/2 632.8
GCL-060615 GCL-060635 1/2 780
GCL-060616 GCL-060636 1/2 1064

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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