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GCL-07 Prism Polarizers

High extinction ratio
Low transmission loss

The units can be divided into two types, the prism polarizers and the prism polarizing beamsplitters. They are made of high quality optical grade calcite, featuring high extinction ratio and low transmission loss.

Aluminum and other type of housings are also available on special requests and the entrance and exit faces of the prisms are made normal to the cylindrical housing axis. The Glan-Taylor prisms (air spaced Glan-Thompson prisms) and Wollaston prisms are from stock. Other types of Glan-Thompson, Marple-Hess Prisms (Double Glan-Taylor Prisms), Three Element Wollaston Prisms, Rochon Prisms, 45° Beamsplitting Glan-Thompson Prisms are available on special orders.

Notations in the diagrams of this chapter.

GCL-0702 Glan-Taylor Prisms

GCL-0711 Wollaston Prisms

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