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GCM-02 Coarse-Fine Adjustment Post Holders

The GCM-02 Coarse-fine adjustment post holder provides both coarse and fine height adjustments for posts (GCM-0301). By loosening screw C1, the post can rotate through 360° and its height can be coarsly adjusted. After tightening screw C1 the height can be fine adjusted by turning the large thumbscrew. Screw C2 locks the post in place. The holders can be mounted on magnetic bases (GCM-42), magnetic plates (GCM-43), breadboards (GCM-30), post bases (GCM-53) or directly mounted to an optical table.

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Magnetic Mounts not included

GCM-02 Coarse-Fine Adjustment Post Holders

Catalog No. A Lmin Lmax Weight (g)
GCM-0201M M6 77 90 80
GCM-0202M M6 103 116 95

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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