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GCM-30 Breadboards

GCM-30 Breadboards

Solid steel plates for mounting components, black coated. Due to size and high weight, these items require special handling and shipping methods. Please contact us for details while ordering.

Please also refer to our special section "Optical Tables" for honeycomb structured models.

GCM-30 Breadboards

Catalog No. L A a x b x c Weight (g)
GCM-3001M 25 M6 200x200x12.7 3725
GCM-3002M 25 M6 200x250x12.7 4680
GCM-3003M 25 M6 200x300x12.7 5270
GCM-3004M 25 M6 250x300x12.7 6905
GCM-3005M 25 M6 300x450x12.7 12555

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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