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GCM-51 Extension Posts

GCM-51 Extension Posts

The steel spacers are supplied in a variety of lengths, ranging from 25mm through 75mm. Threaded at both ends, they can be connected to each other, or mounted on top of other posts such as GCM-01.

GCM-51 Extension Posts

Catalog No. A L ØD Weight (g)
GCM-510101M M4 25 12 7
GCM-510102M M4 38 12 11
GCM-510103M M4 50 12 14
GCM-510104M M4 63 12 18
GCM-510105M M4 75 12 22
GCM-510201M M6 25 12 7
GCM-510202M M6 38 12 11
GCM-510203M M6 50 12 15
GCM-510204M M6 63 12 19
GCM-510205M M6 75 12 24

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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