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Mechanical / Positioning

GCM-01 Threaded Adjustable Posts

GCM-02 Coarse-Fine Adjustment Post Holders

GCM-030 Dia 12.7mm Series Posts and Holders

GCM-031 Dia 6mm Series Mini Post and Holders

GCM-04 Self-Centering Lens Holders

GCM-05 Adjustable Self-Centering Lens Holders

GCM-06 1D Prism Tables

GCM-07 2D Prism Tables

GCM-08 Lens / Mirror Holders

GCM-09 Polarizer / Waveplate Holders

GCM-10 Kinematic Cylindrical Lens Holders

GCM-11 Rotation Stages

GCM-12 Translation Stages

GCM-13 Plate Holders

GCM-14 Wheel Filter Holders

GCM-15 Rack & Pinion Translation Stages

GCM-16 Mini Vertical Translation Stages

GCM-17 Lab Jacks

GCM-18 Laser Holders

GCM-19 Tilt Platforms

GCM-20 Large Lens Holders

GCM-21 Precision Fiber Alignment Mount

GCM-22 Dia 38.1mm Series Posts and Accessories

GCM-25 4D Kinematic Holders

GCM-26 Lens / Mirror Holders Model I

GCM-27 Lens / Mirror Holders Model II

GCM-30 Breadboards

GCM-37 6.5mm Series Vernier Micrometers

GCM-38 50mm Series Vernier Micrometers

GCM-39 Precision Screws

GCM-40 25mm Micrometer Heads

GCM-41 13mm Micrometer Heads

GCM-42 Magnetic Bases

GCM-43 Magnetic Plates

GCM-51 Extension Posts

GCM-53 Post Bases

GCM-54 Screw Adapter Rods

GCM-55 Rod Clamps

GCM-56 Slits

GCM-57 Iris Diaphragms

GCM-72 Precision Rails and Carriers

GCM-73 Goniometers

GCM-79 Large Range Stages

GCM-83 Digital Display Stages

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