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GCO-07 Circular Variable Attenuators/Beamsplitters

The circular variable attenuator / beamsplitter operates in visible and NIR light. The density varies linearly upon rotating the disk. A new and reliable film of NiCrFe has been designed to achieve broadband attenuation.

MGco07b.gif (7559 bytes)

Accuracy of Recorded Density: ± 2% of full scale
Linearity of Relative Density Wedge Profile: ± 7% of maximum value
Deviations Allowed from Catalog Nominal
Relative Density at Range Endpoints:
± 5%
Dimensions: ± 0.1 mm
Coated Sector Angular Width: 300°
Parallelism: 30 arc mins
Surface Quality: III / 40-20 scratch and dig
Coating: Side 1: NiCrFe attenuation + multi-layer AR film. Side 2: Multilayer antireflection film

GCO-07 Circular Variable Attenuators/Beamsplitters

Catalog No. Attenuator A Relative Density Range Weight (g)
GCO-0701M GCC-303001 M6 0.0-1.0 63
GCO-0702M GCC-303002 M6 0.0-1.5 63
GCO-0703M GCC-303003 M6 0.0-2.0 63
GCO-0704M GCC-303004 M6 0.0-3.0 63

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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