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GCO-08 Variable Attenuator / Beamsplitters

The Variable Attenuator / Beamsplitter divides an incident polarized light beam into two beams by 90°, for which the intensity ratio can be continuously varied by rotating the input half-wave plate. There are two half-wave plates set in graduation disks. The input one is to adjust the intensity ratio, while the output one is to revolve the polarization plane of one beam so as to make it either parallel to the polarization of the adjacent beam or to any other required direction. Two configurations are available. In line-type configuration (L) the reflected beam is s-polarized and the polarization of the transmitted beam is variable. In angle-type configuration (A) the transmitted beam is p-polarized and the polarization of the reflected beam is adjustable. The two type configurations can be interchanged by positioning the output half-wave plate. The device can also be used as a variable attenuator. A polarizing beamsplitting cube for 632.8nm is built in. Please specify other wavelength for special order. The Variable Attenuator Beamsplitter can be mounted on any post.

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GCO-08 Variable Attenuators/Beamsplitters

Catalog No. A (mm) B (inch) Weight (g)
GCO-08M M10 x 1 1/4-20 200

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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