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GCO-22 Microscope Eyepieces

A series of eyepieces with different magnifications is used to view images. Eyepieces with wide field angles and high quality images are available for which the coma, distortion and chromatic aberrations are corrected and optimized. The image plane is 10mm below the positioning stopping ring and the diameter is 23.2mm, fitting any standard microscope. Eyepieces with reticules can be produced on special order in magnification of 10x, 16x and 20x.

GCO-22 Microscope Eyepieces

Catalog No. Magnification Field of view (Dia.) Focal Length Weight (g)
GCO-2201 5.0 18.0 50 42
GCO-2202 10.0 14.0 25 39
GCO-2203 12.5 12.5 20 33
GCO-2204 15.0 11.0 16.7 21
GCO-2205 16.0 11.0 15.6 21

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.

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